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Lenovo combines two pioneering technology companies 
Lenovo and IBM - into an innovation leader

     Looking for an affordable, quality entry level laptop? A reliable and portable business unit? How about a lightweight 1080p Gaming Laptop?
     Since 2005, Lenovo has been innovating and making greater strides in technology and reliability than any other brand on the market.
     From their industry leading design team, affordable price points, unbeatable quality, their world renowned keyboard designs, and their consistently high customer reviews, Lenovo has been the obvious choice for Home, Business, and Gaming laptops.
     Partnering with Lenovo affords us a rare opportunity to customize your new laptop from the ground up with a nearly unlimited number of options from Dedicated Graphics to Solid State Performance, while keeping prices reasonable.

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why choose lenovo?

Unparalleled Quality On-The-Go
     ThinkPad Laptops don't skimp on hardware. That's why you'll find each model loaded with only the latest processors and graphics from trusted brands like Intel® and AMD - to ensure your productivity doesn't suffer from annoying performance hiccups. What's more, several models feature long-life batteries that work to keep you on-the-go as much and for as long as possible with progressive technologies such as RapidCharge (charge to 80% in 30 minutes) and Power Bridge (dual, hot-swappable batteries).
Productivity-Enhancing UltraNav
     Lenovo's UltraNav technology, featuring the little red TrackPoint® navigation tool, is a staple in the business landscape. The TrackPoint lets you control your mouse pointer with the use of just a single finger, while the associated selection and scroll buttons - now smartly molded into the new, single-piece TouchPad™ - give you convenient and total control of your laptop.
Legendary, Spill-Resistant Keyboards
     ThinkPad keyboards have long been renowned for their brilliant layout and satisfying tactile feedback. The latest generation is better than ever before; a more spacious layout and slightly rounded keys allow your fingers to fly across the keyboard - delivering the ultimate in comfort and productivity. The latest ThinkPads are further optimized for Windows 10 - with convenient multimedia buttons, function-lock capability, and immediate access to view apps.
Astoundingly Durable
     Select ThinkPad models feature military-rated durability for whatever life throws at you. Sturdy yet exceptionally sleek, the latest ThinkPads feature progressive designs that keep durability in mind. With select models incorporating steel roll-cages surrounding the hard drive, as well as Active Protection System (APS) software that intelligently anticipates a potentially damaging impact, the ThinkPad has been built from the ground up to endure over the long haul.
Intuitive Business Software
     After-hours maintenance, software monitoring, USB blocker, energy savings and backup and restore applications are just some of the benefits offered by the Lenovo Solutions for Small Business software suite - included on many ThinkPad models. Varying models with Intel® vPro™ feature BIOS encryption, Kensington Lock ports, and Computrace® support. Wherever you work, you'll surely reap the unique benefits of business-driven software and security options only found on ThinkPad.
Access Security And Password Management
     With many models featuring fingerprint readers, you can get secure and expedient access to your system with just the swipe of a finger. Intuitive password management software also lets you manage multiple pass codes for individually accessing all of your system's critical data - from BIOS settings to file protection.
Forward-Thinking Designs
     Lenovo has been a pioneer in the wave of multipurpose devices hitting the market today. Forward-thinking concepts such as the ThinkPad Helix and ThinkPad Yoga offer you more ways to work or play on-the-go. Quickly convert from the productivity power of the standard laptop to the enhanced mobility and convenience of a tablet. Other unique modes allow you to more easily present, view, interact and play.
Simplified Connectivity
     Always with mobility in mind, ThinkPads come standard with enhanced WiFi options, so whether you're synching an external device or connecting to a network on-the-go, you can do it quickly, easily, and pain-free. Select models feature the latest mobile broadband cards for connecting to your 3G or 4G network of choice. Or, use Lenovo's own Mobile Access service to stay connected without the need for telephone company contracts or long-term commitments. Newer models now feature Lenovo OneLink technology, providing a hub for connecting to all of your external devices with a single snap.

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