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Whether you have lots of pop-ups, you need data recovered from your computer or MacBook laptop or you just need your laptop LCD screen replaced, you have come to the right place. Our PC and Mac Repair Process is designed to minimize your downtime, and provide you with an upfront repair cost.

Our Laptop and Desktop Repair Services include but are not limited to:

  • FREE Computer Diagnosis and Estimate
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Laptop Screen Repair or Replacement
  • Liquid Spill Repairs on Laptops
  • Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
  • Desktop or Laptop with no power or not turning on
  • Performance upgrades: RAM, Solid State Drives and much more

We support and repair ALL brands & models!

Whether it’s a crashed hard drive that needs the data recovered, a virus infection and you want to make sure that system is cleaned by a professional or you just spilled water on your MacBook Pro and you don't want to pay a fortune to fix it, we can help. Your device will be up and running and so will you.


Did your server just crash or your network go down? Is your Business IT service provider not responsive or doesn't know how to handle your IT needs? With over 30 years of experience and knowledgeable technicians available to come on-site, we are ready to help.

Call today for a FREE consultation.

Most businesses today require more than just being able to access files from your colleagues' computer or printing to a shared office printer. In order to be able to expand your business, you must be able run your current enterprise both efficiently and securely.

We can help your business share files on a local network using a NAS that provides the same functions as a server at a fraction of the cost.

'Puter Pros can also expand your ability to work from home or on the go through VPN or Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). Secure your network, call us today for a FREE network assessment.

Whether you have QuickBooks, virus or networking problems, need to get into the Cloud, or you are looking for a reliable and responsive technology partner, you have come to the right place. 'Puter Pros can help you with a wide range of business IT support.

We use cutting edge technology to proactively monitor, secure, and maintain your servers, networks, and workstations. You focus on growing and running your business - we'll make sure that your data is securely backed-up off-site, your server and workstations have the security needed, and will provide help desk remote support.

Enjoy peace of mind and cut your costs by outsourcing your IT infrastructure to professionals. Call us today for a FREE on-site consultation.

'Puter Pros brings powerful online backup, cloud storage, collaboration and sharing features to your business. It’s easy to use making it suitable for everyone – from one man businesses up to larger enterprises. See what Livedrive can do for your business.

A simple answer to a complicated problem. We simply install our software on every computer in your business and it’ll work automatically in the background to backup everything on that computer to the cloud. Nothing to manage, nothing to worry about. The administrator can see all backed up files on all computers and you can easily restore files anytime using an easy to use restore interface. It works on PC and Mac.

Your day to day business operations can rely heavily on the server and its related functions all working together in an efficient manner. Active Directory Maintenance, Exchange Server Best Practices, DHCP IP Scope, DNS Forwarding, FTP Access, File Sharing Permissions, Wired and Wireless Network Configuration, Firewall Configuration, and NAS Management are time consuming to monitor and maintain.

Let us take care of these things and more so you can keep focusing on what you do best: Running your business. Combined with a monthly service contract, you can be sure that everything is running the way it should be, at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house I.T. department.


Do you have one of the following computer, virus, or network problems?

  • Your PC or Mac computer just crashed and you are searching for a fast and professional service to provide a free diagnosis or a decent repair rate
  • You cannot access the internet or email any more
  • You need to setup a wireless router, or a new printer, or share files and printers on your current network
  • You want to backup your data and need a professional and friendly technician to show you how to do it
  • You want an expert to clean the virus, spyware, or of pop-ups that are interrupting your computer use
  • You want to setup or troubleshoot a home network (wired or wireless)
  • You need someone to help you setup your new software or hardware

Since 2002, 'Puter Pros has provided over 3,000 in-home computer repair appointments in the Kankakee area. We know how important TIME is for you. If you are looking for fast, reliable, and knowledgeable in-home computer repairs and networking services, you have come to the right place.We troubleshoot, diagnose, service, network, maintain, and repair all PC and Mac models. We will respond promptly and have your device in working order the same day in most cases.


System running slow or abnormal? You may have a virus or malware on your computer which are usually unknowingly downloaded from the internet and are intended to cause problems for your computer.

Symptoms to watch for:

  • Very sluggish computer performance
  • Random system lockups or crashes
  • Browser redirection – you are taken to websites you were not searching for while browsing the Internet
  • Excessive number of popup windows appearing at random while surfing the Internet
  • Modification to Executable Programs
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Start-up/ Shutdown Problems
  • Repeated Error Messages

To prevent future infections, we can also help you integrate a dependable antivirus software program to keep your computer fully protected. We take the time to optimize your computer so that it runs smoothly and at like-new performance. When a virus makes its way into your computer system, trust 'Puter Pros, Inc to completely remove any threats and make your computer operate like new.


Are you confused or frustrated with your new device setup and installation? Is your computer slow? Is your browser is full of pop-ups and barely operational? Does your Outlook program give you headaches? Are you looking for a computer repair service without the hassle of dragging your computer to a store?

'Puter Pros Online Remote Support has you covered, whether you need help installing and setting up new software or configuring applications. Here is a list of problems that we can fix remotely:

  • Remote virus and spyware removal
  • Troubleshoot software errors or install device drivers
  • Fix browser issues, remove toolbars, and reset browser homepage
  • Troubleshoot, setup, and configure Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird
  • Setup new desktops and laptops
  • Setup and troubleshoot printers

We can troubleshoot, repair, and diagnose the root causes of errors as well as customize your computer or laptop settings as per your needs. We can also ensure that you understand the steps of computer repair performed on your computer as it is being done.


If your hard drive is broken or corrupted, all is not lost. Hard drive data recovery is a simple procedure as long as the BIOS recognizes the drive and it turns on successfully, which is the case 80% of the time. In our experience, only about 20% of the hard drives brought to us have been physically damaged and in need of higher level recovery.

Having issues getting your hard drive, flash drive, or USB drive data? We provide a wide range of recovery services including, but not limited to:

  • Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Cellphone & Tablet Data Recovery
  • Plugged in but not reading
  • Clicking or Dropping
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Broken USB Interface
  • SD Card Data Recovery


Our backup software protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud. It's hassle-free, easy-to-install, completely secure - and backs up all your important files, no matter how many you've got!


  • Our software works quietly in the background to protect your files as you use your computer. You don't need any technical knowledge since we will install it for you, and it backs up all of your files - no matter how many you've got. You can restore your files at any time with one click.


  • Once you've backed up your files you can view them from anywhere - from any web browser, or from your mobile and tablet. You can view your photos and documents, and even listen to your music and watch your movies, wherever you are.


  • With a cloud backup in place, you can be sure your files are safe and secure. Your Cloud keeps multiple copies of your files, so you can get to them at any time, and they are encrypted with military-grade encryption, so that they're completely private.
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