Warranty & Privacy Policy

TERMS OF SERVICE - LIMITATION OF LIABILITY (EXCLUDING DATA RELATED ORDERS): In-Shop Laptop / Desktop Repair Services have FREE Diagnostic / Estimate Fee. 'Puter Pros INC Computer Repair Rates are priced at competitive Flat Rates and more than one service may be required to fix the problem(s). 'Puter Pros INC services all equipment on a first-come first-served basis and therefore require (1) to (3) business days for most Hardware and Software Diagnostics / Estimates.

POLICY & WARRANTY: Standard warranty is (120) days. Laptop purchased parts and desktop hardware parts also come with a (120) day warranty. Software is not covered under this warranty. Opening of the laptop or desktop by any person aside from a 'Puter Pros INC technician voids the warranty on the device in question. During the warranty period, we will guarantee our work with problems originally described. Due to the nature of this type of service, if any other problems occur different from the originally described will not be covered. If you have a broken laptop that is critical for your business, please find other way to take care of your business while your broken laptop is at our repair facility. We are not responsible for any loss of business while your device is in service, including warranty services. Warranty will not include shipping costs. All devices serviced by us will be covered under warranty above and all service fees include shipping cost are non-refundable. A diagnostic and/or estimate may be sent to your email address; we will not take the responsibility for problems which may occur if you do not get updated information about your service from us. If payment has not been made within (30) days from the date we send original invoice, your device will be deemed property of 'Puter Pros INC and all parts will belong to 'Puter Pros INC. All balances must be paid in full before your device leaves our facilities. By signing any documents pertaining to 'Puter Pros INC services, you understand that any items not claimed and paid for within (30) days will become property of 'Puter Pros INC and all data will be removed from the hard drive, if applicable. You understand that 'Puter Pros INC will make (2) attempts to contact you by phone or email at the email address provided regarding your (30) day timeslot. By signing any documents pertaining to 'Puter Pros INC services, you understand that failure to provide an email address hinders the ability of 'Puter Pros INC to contact you regarding the status of your device, in which case 'Puter Pros INC is not responsible for your loss of the device or data if the device is not claimed and paid for in (30) days. 'Puter Pros INC is not obligated to return your device or its parts once the (30) day grace period has ended.

'Puter Pros INC will not take responsibility for any data lost during the repair process and therefore strongly advise all clients to make complete system backups before shipping or bringing your device for repair.

PRIVACY: 'Puter Pros INC will never sell, rent, or give away a client’s personal information under any circumstance. Personal information will never be discussed via phone nor email to anyone contacting 'Puter Pros INC outside of the phone number and email address approved by the client for the account and service in question.

TERMS OF SERVICE - LIMITATION OF LIABILITY (DATA TRANSFERS AND RECOVERIES): This work order supersedes all prior agreements, written or oral, between 'Puter Pros INC and the Client. The parties agree, notwithstanding any other provision of this work order, that 'Puter Pros INC liability to the Client shall in no event exceed the amount paid by the customer to 'Puter Pros INC under this work order.  This work order shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in the state of Illinois, and will remain in full force and effect unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, by both parties.

NON-DISCLOSURE: 'Puter Pros INC agrees to keep all data recovered from the equipment confidential. Any data recovered from the equipment will be provided solely to the Client. 'Puter Pros INC however, will disclose any recovered data to governmental authorities or other parties if required to do so by court order or law.  Any such disclosure will be deemed not to violate the provisions of this work order.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FROM CLAIMS: The Client acknowledges that the equipment and/or data stored on the equipment is now damaged, and that the recovery efforts of 'Puter Pros INC may result in further damage, destruction of the equipment, and/or the data.  The Client expressly releases and forever waives any claims that it may have against 'Puter Pros INC from any damage to or destruction of the equipment and/or the data during the data recovery effort. 'Puter Pros INC shall have no liability for any claim of the Client or any third party (whether against the Client and/or 'Puter Pros INC) based upon a claim that the equipment or any data was damaged, altered, or rendered unusable.